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COGS 11 : Midterm Review-2 1. Discuss all aspects of memory relevant to the mind-body problem presented in this course. Be sure to include the following in your discussion: (a) What are the different types of memories? How are they different? Which regions of the brain are involved in the different types of learning? Amnesias (retrograde v. anterograde) What evidence is available? (HM-what can he learn?) (b) What is memory consolidation? Discuss the effect of sleep on learning. How reliable is memory anyway? (False memories) (c) Emotional memories Fear conditioning v. classical conditioning .
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Unformatted text preview: Role of amygdala 2. Discuss the boundaries of consciousness. Include in your discussion the story/patient, the lesion location or pathway damaged, and the implication for different levels of consciousness. Give complete pathway details associated with the visual system for the following topics: (a) Unilateral neglect (b) Blindsight (c) Zombie in the Brain (d) Fear conditioning (unconscious/conscious awareness of fear). COGS 11 – Winter 2010 - Midterm -2 – Blue Book Essay in class – Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Be prepared to show blue books before the midterm. Bring your photo id....
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