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COGS11-W10-AF-QuizB - and perception a She could determine...

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Name: ___________________________________________________ Section Day/Time: ____________________ COGS 11 Quiz B For Questions 1--5, please circle the best answer from the choices given. 1. What sense does Ramachandran’s mirror box utilize to help patients with phantom limbs? a. Touch b. Proprioception c. Vision d. Smell 2. What do Ramachandran’s experiments suggest about embodiment? a. Your body image is stable throughout your lifetime b. Your body image is a modifiable internal construct c. Your body image is an accurate representation of your physical body d. Your body image is very difficult to modify 3. What is an agnosia? a. An inability to recognize certain things b. An inability to form new memories c. A particular region of the brain that is involved in proprioception d. A bundle of nerves left after amputation 4. What peculiar characteristic about Sacks’ patient Madeleine suggests a separation of sensation
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Unformatted text preview: and perception? a. She could determine someone’s location but not their identity b. She was blind but could play pinball really well c. She could detect when things touched her hands but could not determine their shapes d. She perceived things are being closer to her than they really were 5. Why could Sacks calm Jimmy, the patient described in The Lost Mariner, by showing him a baseball game outside? a. It distracted Jimmy and he wouldn’t remember what he was upset about b. Jimmy’s favorite sport was baseball c. The movement of the players reminded Jimmy of music d. The physical act of walking to the window required special concentration 6. What is the sense of proprioception? What might happen if you were to lose this sense? (4 points) 7. What happens at the threshold point of an action potential? Give a description in terms of both membrane potential and ion channels. (6 points)...
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