COGS11-W10-AF-QuizC - Syndrome a An ability to grasp...

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Name: ___________________________________________________ Section Day/Time: ____________________ COGS 11 Quiz C For Questions 1--5, please circle the best answer from the choices given. 1. Why do we not notice our blind spot in everyday life? a. Perceptual filling-in b. Conceptual completion c. Hemifield neglect d. Blindsight 2. Both in lecture and in the readings we heard about some situations where we can complete _____ even when we seem to be consciously unaware of crucial information. a. Drawings b. Gestures c. Motor tasks d. Colors 3. What is aphasia? a. An inability to understand words b. An inability to understand someone’s tone of voice c. When someone ignores one side of the world around them d. An inability to recognize faces 4. Which of the following characterizes someone with Charles Bonnet
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Unformatted text preview: Syndrome ? a. An ability to grasp something but not consciously know its size b. Amnesia c. Poor coordination of the senses used to maintain body position d. Vivid hallucinations 5. In On The Level, Mr. MacGregor used a device to let him use his _______ sense to compensate for his malfunctioning _______ sense. a. vision; proprioception b. tactile; proprioception c. vision; vestibular d. proprioception; vestibular 6. What are the two primary visual pathways that pass through the LGN? For each pathway, give its name, a description what it does, and an example of what might happen if it does not function properly. (6 points) 7. What is Chalmers’ ‘‘easy’’ problem of consciousness, and why does he consider it easy? (4 points)...
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  • Charles Bonnet Syndrome, ___________________________________________________ Section Day/Time, vestibular d. proprioception

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COGS11-W10-AF-QuizC - Syndrome a An ability to grasp...

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