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COGS11-W10-AF-QuizE - a The patients saw fantastical...

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Name: __________________________________________________ Section Day/Time: ____________________ COGS 11 Quiz E For Questions 1–5, please circle the best answer from the choices given. 1. What does Ramachandran suggest is at the root of anosognosia? a. Hemispheric differences b. Damage to the left superior temporal lobe c. Temporal lobe seizures d. Freudian defense mechanisms 2. Which brain state shares similar symptoms to what is seen when Ramachandran pours cold water into Mrs. Macken’s left ear? 3. According to Ramachandran, what is one of the roles of the right hemisphere ? 4. What is one of the side effects of the temporal lobe seizures described by Sacks?
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Unformatted text preview: a. The patients saw fantastical hallucinations b. The patients heard random noises c. The patients saw things moving in slow motion d. The patients heard specific songs 5. What is one of the ways that Sacks describes L-Dopa’s effect on memory recall? a. It subdues nostalgic memories caused by temporal lobe seizures b. It disrupts reconsolidation of memories after they are recalled c. It consolidates weak memories so that they are more permanent d. It forces recollection of old memories Continued on other side… 6. Describe one experimentally-verified way in which a memory can be modified after it is first created, and what this says about the reliability of eye-witness testimony. ( 6 points) 7. What brain structure that is most closely associated with the formation of fear memories? Why can these memories be changed after they are retrieved? ( 4 points)...
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COGS11-W10-AF-QuizE - a The patients saw fantastical...

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