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COGS11-W10-MB-Quiz B - MB Cogs 11 Quiz B Name PID 1 When a...

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Unformatted text preview: MB: Cogs 11: Quiz B Name: PID: 1. When a cell crosses its _________ , voltagegated ________ channels open. a. Action potential, K+ b. Threshold, K+ c. Membrane potential, Na+ d. Threshold, Na+ e. Membrane potential, Cl 2. What is nocioception? a. The ability to feel one's nose. b. The ability to feel where one's limbs are in space. c. Specialized receptors for glutamate in a cell membrane. d. The ability to feel pain. 3. In Oliver Sacks's chapter Hands, he describes a blind woman who is initially functionally unable to use her hands. What action sets her on a path to recovery? a. Writing her name with a pen. b. Feeling tap water flow over her hands. c. Reaching for a bagel. d. Playing the piano. 4. Ramachandran describes an experiment with his patient John, who he asks to reach for a coffee cup with his phantom limb. When Dr. Ramachandran puls the cup away, John says he: a. Felt as if the coffee were actually warm. b. Was hurt by having the cup grasped from his "fingers". c. Suddenly lost the ability to feel his phantom hand. d. Felt searing heat, as if someone had dumped hot coffee on his hand. 5. Dr. Sacks showed the lost mariner a picture of something that shocked him. It was: a. An MR scan of his precise lesion, showing a large chunk of missing tissue. b. A photograph of his father, who had been dead nearly 50 years. c. A photograph of the earth taken from space. d. A photograph of his childhood pet. See Back 6. Sketch and label the major phases of an action potential. Be sure to include: membrane potential, threshold, resting potential, time, depolarization, hyperpolarization and refractory period. (6 points) 7. Name and describe two additional senses beyond the five you learned in elementary school (touch, taste, hearing, vision, smell). (4 points) ...
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