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Unformatted text preview: Cogs 11: Quiz E Name: Section Day/Time: 1. The brain structure most closely associated with the encoding of fearful memories is the: a. b. c. d. 2. Frontal cortex Medial temporal lobe Amygdala Auditory Cortex Anosognosia exposes an intriguing hemispheric asymmetry because it: a. b. c. d. Is far more common after right hemisphere damage. Only occurs when the hemispheres are damaged unequally. Strongly affects language, which we know is dominated by the left hemisphere. Exposes subconscious thoughts stored in the right hemisphere. 3. Ramachandran uses a special "truth serum" to get his denial patient Mrs. Macken to admit to the first time to having a paralyzed left arm. This serum was: a. b. c. d. e. Nembutal (Pentobarbital) Cocaine Maple Syrup Cold Water Sugar Water 4. In Dr. Sacks's description of Mrs. O'C, she has difficulty holding a normal conversation because: a. b. c. d. She has lost the ability to use verbs She suddenly loses her english vocabulary, and can only speak in gaelic. She hears Irish songs so loudly they drown out the sound of speech. She uncontrollably talks over anyone she meets. 5. Hemineglect is most common in patients with damage to the: a. b. c. Temporal lobe Frontal cortex Right parietal cortex d. 6. 7. Left parietal cortex What do we know about memory that makes even eyewitness testimony problematic? (3 points) Describe the theory of specialization of the left and right hemispheres presented by Ramachandran. What kinds of processing is the left hemisphere specialized for? How about the right hemisphere? (4 points) 8. Describe the main difference between classical conditioning and fear conditioning. Which happens more rapidly? Why does this make sense in terms of evolution? (3 points) ...
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