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COGS11-W10-RS-QuizD - 4 Why did Mrs B call Dr Sacks father...

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Name: __________________________ PID:__________________________ Section:______________ Quiz D Multiple Choice: Please, circle the BEST answer. 1. The “looking glass syndrome” or “mirror agnosia” is… a. When a person can only see half their face. b. When a person tries to use a mirror box to cure their phantom limb pain, but it fails. c. When a person looks in the mirror and do not realize what they see in the mirror is behind them. They may think objects are behind the mirror. d. When a person tries to draw a picture by only viewing the reflection of their hands, but is unable to. 2. The drug that suppresses the symptoms of Tourette’s is called a. L-Dopa b. Haldol c. Encephalitis d. None of the above. 3. What is Cupid’s Disease?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Why did Mrs. B call Dr. Sacks father, sister, and doctor? a. She is was a nut and liked to joke around. b. She had a cerebral tumor and everything became meaningless to her. c. Her corpus callosum was cut and therefore the hemispheres of her brain did not communicate properly. d. She had Charles Bonnet syndrome. She hallucinated and thought him to be those people. 5. In “The Possessed,” Sacks observes a woman a. yelling obscenities to passers-bys. b. imitating passers-bys until they gave her money c. imitating passers-bys and then expelling all the imitations at once d. having an intense conversation with herself. Short Answer: Discuss Patient H.M. Make sure to discuss the hippocampus and it’s role in memory consolidation, types of memory, as well as different types of amnesia. (5 points) What are the three experimental methods of sleep research and describe them. (3 points) Name and describe one of the stages of sleep. (2 points)...
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  • Phantom limb, phantom limb pain, Charles Bonnet Syndrome, b. imitating passers-bys, c. imitating passers-bys, Patient H.M. Make

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COGS11-W10-RS-QuizD - 4 Why did Mrs B call Dr Sacks father...

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