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sc00367d0501 - 3.2 For the function G graphed below find{a...

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Unformatted text preview: 3.2. For the function G graphed below, find {a} £131 Gix) ’5 0?) gig} GU) 3 (C) Lug C(x} 3 (d) 0(9) a (5) iii? G(x)_ 06 (f) iim 60:33 539' — 14. Consiéer the function f graphed below. For what values of x9 does iim fix) exist? Jr'mg umm-.m..u...._'._._ is. Consider the function g in the following graph. For what values of x9 does lim g(x) exist? le‘o (w. 439,13 (8,89) i (63,4111 r3303 3%? J ...
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