10-1 Notes - Anthro 2 Reading Ashmore Sharer Ch 2 V HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 1 Practice of American Archaeology(1900-1920 A Roots of Anthropological

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Unformatted text preview: Anthro 2 Reading: Ashmore + Sharer Ch. 2 10/1/08 V. HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 1. Practice of American Archaeology (1900-1920) A. Roots of Anthropological Archaeology A. Archaeology became one of the 4 fields of anthropology. Outside of US, they are in a separate dept. Split from Classical Archaeology A. Stems from native americans. B. Study of Native American Societies A. Historic Continuity tied with native americans Smithsonian Institution - Congress allotted money. Money came from federal govt. A.study native american societies before they were engulfed by euro-american cultures and life- styles. Found natives still used traditional types of tools, architecture features and practices - Found that they were still similar to people of the past nearby areas. B. Smithsonian scholars linked contemporary natives with past natives. 1846 – Bureau of American Ethnology (1894), National Museum(1879) C. Direct Historical Approach-Innovative approach in studying material culture. Studied how they made tools and Direct Historical Approach-Innovative approach in studying material culture....
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