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Anthro 2 Reading: Ashmore + Sharer Ch. 3 10/3/08 V. HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 2. Culture History Approach (1920-1960) a. stimulated by the antiquity and dynamic nature of native americans societies b. There hasn’t been that much culture change before the 1920s - 1960s Recognition: Native American antiquity + Change A. Chronology Building - stimulated in change of thinking of culture change of native americans Stratigraphic Excavations: Law of Superposition - principle of geology- early material on the bottom and later material on top. artifacts change overtime though similar patterns. Seriation (Three-Age System, Max Uhle, Manuel Gamio, Nels Nelson – used arbitrary levels) Combined stratigraphic and seriation to build chronologies. Ex. developed 3 layer system. lowest levels found classic pottery and ceramics. Upper levels. are more beautiful ceramics. Use layers to date archaeological remains - Not absolute date. B.
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