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Anthro 2AC Reading: Johnson 1999 10/6/08 V. HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 2. Cultural (Culture) History Approach (1920-1960)1 E. Advances i) Good Description - reported many archaeological remains, provided very good reports/descriptions. de- veloped A. ii) Lab + Field Methods- vastly improved. ..stratigraphy, other deposits. cultural, natural deposits. iii) Chronology (Relative and Absolute Dating) - temporal approach. relative dating methods- based on strati- graphic. older material on top, younger on bottom. relatively date materials. Absolute dating meth- ods -actual setting a exact date. AB, BC, and BP dates. B. Dendrochronology- 1929-1930- originally used to look at sun spots. Used to look at tree rings. Looking at analysis of rings. F. Radiocarbon (C-14) - 1950s Carbon dating used to date organic artifacts. Radiocarbon data. Absolute date. primary way of dating. 3. Processual or New Archaeology (1960-1980) (new archaeology) 2nd major approach. Cultural Process Approach - growing idea that younger archaeologist
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