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10-8 Notes - 3 Anthro 2AC Reading Johnson 1999 V HISTORY OF...

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Anthro 2AC Reading: Johnson 1999 10/8/08 V. HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 3. Processual or New Archaeology (1960-1980) emphasizing people participating cultures differently. Study diversity of material culture. variation and diversity are key points in processual archaeology. Examine the full spectrum of material culture @ archaeological sites. full range of human behaviors. D. 5 New Developments in American Arch. i) New Definition of Culture (Stress Variation) People Participated in Cultures Differentially Lewis Binford; Southwest Pithouses -emphasize variation – community pattern, households. Look at each pithouses individually and compare/contract to other pithouses. Looking at house size, determining storage size, wealth status, and life style. Looking for patterns. ii) Archaeological Context - emphasize context of archaeological record. Reconstructing the past. i) Walter Taylor - 1940’s - Conjunctive Approach - , Activity Areas; Spatial structure/relation- ship of artifacts, ecofacts and features relating to one another.
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