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Anthro 2AC Readings: Johnson 1999 10/13/08 Ashmore chap 9 V. HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 4. Postprocessual Archaeology (1980-2008) B. 5 Major Developments iii. Agency in Archaeology - how past few people examined past cultures b) Emic or Insider’s Perspective, Emphasize -- Micro-Scales Of Analysis - emphasis on archaeological context. 90’s to 2000 focus more on micro studies such as Households, Individuals; Practice-Oriented Approach (Daily Practices of Past People) - looking at daily routines that people take. agencies in actions looking at own ideas about process of looking at their daily lives. looking at daily lives enables life studies and culture changes. people leave by re- mains that archaeologists can study. Spatial relationship of material - huge emphasis in processual archaeology. Geared toward daily practice approach. They want it to make it more in sync with real life. Focus on individual decision making, daily practice. c)
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