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Unformatted text preview: Anthro 2AC Readings: Stewart 2002 10/15/08 VI. RESEARCH DESIGN 1. Introduction: Problem-Oriented Research Diversity of Approaches-different approaches are not mutually exclusive the different approaches can comple- ment each other by combing some sort of cultural aspect with one another. , No One Way of Doing Archae- ology. critical to do some soul searching and strategies before starting a big project. What do you want to get out of the project? critical thinker and evaluate problems and ideas. Explicit reflection - problem oriented research, which involves explicit research design (plan of operation that will guide your work - started with processual archaeology). Depends on Theory and Research Questions; Research Design – Plan of Operation. Public Outreach. 2. Cultural Resource Management – National Historical Preservation Act 1966 - critical in american archaeology - mandated that any activities that affect archaeological sites/remains on federal land must be evaluated by an archae-...
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