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Anthro 2 Reading: Diekmann et al. 2007 10/17/08 VI. RESEARCH DESIGN 5. Case Study: John Chenoweth Social Identity - group that people belong to (race, religion, etc. .. These groups are very important. Ex. Crusade. Ideas matter a lot. studying place (region) and practice. Quakers - east coast. came from english reformation and english civil war. Every person i.e. equally holy. Vanterpool Estate, Little Jost van Dyke British Virgin Islands 6. Stages of the Research Design A. Formulation Background Research, Search for Site Records Libraries (Anthro Library, Bancroft) Gray Literature (CRM) – Unpublished Reports
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Unformatted text preview: Site Records SHPO office – Information Centers - state preservation office in sacramento. in charge of oversee-ing all archaeology in california. USGS Map – Site Locations Site Numbers – Trinomial (CA-ALA-309) B. Implementation i. Research Team ii. Budget Field Work, Laboratory, Write-up iii. Funding Sources (North American Arch) Cultural Resource Management (CRM) Scope of Work, RFP Federal or State Granting Agencies National Science Foundation, NEH Private Sector Granting Agencies – N. Geographic Soc Private Donors...
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