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Anthro 2AC Reading: Lightfoot 2006 10/24/08 VI. RESEARCH DESIGN 7. Case Study – Duncan Village Project E. Field Program iv. Excavate 7 pithouses (use backhoe to excavate above floor level, then hand excavation) There is no right/wrong way in excavating a site. Budget and time also an issue in excavation. F. Trade-offs in Collecting Information Depends on Research Design - many different approaches in excavating. Lightfoot vs Wilcox – what would be stressed? Wilcox -excavate one pithouse very closely and precisely vs. lightfoot excavating all 7 pithouses. There’s always going to be a loss, must make adjustments. 8. Research Design:Summary Collaborative Archaeology: Implications for Research Design Issues - what kind of issues do collaborative want to address. They want to augment/enhance tribal history. potential restrictions - certain practices that are incompatible with certain tribal beliefs. restrictions in what you can excavate. such as burials or sacred places. Rules/Guidelines - There are many rules and guidelines you must follow. Such as no Alcohol.
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