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Redman and lightfoot articles Survey Data - 1. Demographics - study of where people live on the landscape. 2. Economics - see the affluents of society based on the regional spread. see how people present them- selves. See how culture relates to themselves 3. Environmental opportunities and constraints - depends on their living environment. some cultures are seasonal meaning they move depending on the season. 4. Hierarchical spatial distributions - introduces the leveling and layering. Where powerful centers, reli- gious centers, spread of population. deals with the social aspects such as social hierarchy. Ultimately survey data allows us to generate a regional picture in which sites are placed in a more broad context of sociopolitical organization and ecology. Ethical advantages of survey - less intrusive than excavation, less chance of destroying archaeological data. - Get more support from stakeholders and collaborators because it doesn’t destroy the archaeological sites. stakeholders want to learn about the past, but doesn’t want artifacts to be destroyed.
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