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10/29 Subsurface survey High visibility surface survey works well. Low visibility may need subsurface survey. (eastern U.S.) Chapter 5 subsurface survey. Remote sensing: aerial photography. Satellite imagery. Thermography. Geophysical survey: Techniques employed to measure physical properties of near surface deposit. Looking for anomalies Two main geophysical methods. passive and active Passive method: magnetometer - looking at magnetic readings. higher/lower than normal.
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Unformatted text preview: Active/induced method- send signals into near surface and receive reflected signals back. Geophysical surveys advantages - becoming more sophisticated = better resolution non destructive techniques, stakeholders like that. Drawbacks - labor intensive & slow must “field test” anomalies Best used to reduce a search area within a known site. Other subsurface methods: techniques that involve the excavation of small test units across a study area....
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