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Anthro 2AC Reading: Ashmore, pp 76-79 10/31/08 VII. DATA GATHERING(3 rd Stage Research Design) 3. Survey Methods (Surface, Subsurface Surveys) Shape and size of sampling units, sample size, sampling strategy. 4. Field Decisions: Regional Survey – Sampling A. Shape and Size of Sample Units A. Study area/survey area - Data universe= broader study area. usually divided into smaller sample units. Study Area or Data Universe, Sample Units, 2 types of units Nonarbitrary Units- corresponds to environmental zones such as river, foothill or coastal strip. correlate to environmental charateristics Arbitrary Units - more commonly used - spatial divisions. no inherent or environmental usage Transects- long linear sample units Quadrats- small or large square block. hectare 100 x 100 meter or maybe 1km x 1km block. B. Sample Size/Sample Fraction Sample Size= Number of Sample Units. we use map and overlay them on it. number of sample size chosen from the data universe. how many are you going to look at?
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