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Anthro 2AC Reading: Ashmore, pp. 66-76 11/3/08 VII. DATA GATHERING – EXCAVATION 1. Reasons for Undertaking Excavation Must do excavation. Research material. A. Diversity of Archaeological Remains B. Stratigraphy (Seriation, Law of Superposition) -stratigraphy of culture materials. through excavation we can find deposition episodes. glimpse of diachron- ic change over time. Chronology C. Site Structure – Contextual Approach -3d organization of artifacts/ecofacts based on good excavation work. material culture through excavation. based on 3d site structure. D. Downside to Excavation; destroy context Destroy spatial context. excavatio destroys despite getting great information. cannot restore excavation site. 2. Formation Processes - how material was deposited into the archaeological record & what happen to the materials since it’s deposition to the archaeological record. Archaeological Context Behavioral Processes - Talking about actual creation and use of material culture by past people. There’s several
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