11-5 Notes - Anthro 2AC Reading Ashmore pp 102-124 VII DATA GATHERING EXCAVATION 2 Formation Processes B Secondary Context where Arch Materials No

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Anthro 2AC Reading: Ashmore, pp. 102-124 11/5/08 VII. DATA GATHERING – EXCAVATION 2. Formation Processes B. Secondary Context: where Arch. Materials No Longer in Same Context as Deposited by Past People(ori- ginal) Transformational (Post-Depositional) Processes; - Toughest to make interpretations. Spatial patterning is not due to discard and activity behavior, it’s due to some kind of disturbance that affects their spatial relationship. Look for Rodent Burrows & Looting; Kinds of Interpretations – Degree of Disturbance – (minor disturbance) They will be analyzed differ- ently. Affected by modern constructions and etc… treat disturbed area as a separate analytical unit. However other areas may still be primary context. Site to site analysis. Looting – transform site from excellent primary site to secondary context site. Looting alters contexts piss off archaeologists. 3. Recording Information on Arch. Context 3 Types of recordings. A. Matrix – Determine Context (Primary or Secondary?); Alluvial- laid down by wind; Aeolian – laid down
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