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11-12 Notes - 7 Anthro 2AC Read Voss 2005 V Buren 2008 VII...

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Anthro 2AC Read: Voss 2005, V. Buren 2008 11/12/08 VII. DATA GATHERING – EXCAVATION 7. Case Study: Overseas Chinese Archaeology in CA Boom in chinese population since 1850s. These new populations. Archaeologist of oversea chinese immigration. Gold Rush- first real chinese immigration archaeology. With discovery of gold in 1848,1850s boom in number of immigrants. Go from not many chinese to huge population boom. Early immigration due to mining as skilled and unskilled labors. South eastern China. Pearl river Delta. Mostly men. A. INTRODUCTION Post-1850 California Great Potential for Arch.; Flood of New People B. BACKGROUND: Chinese Immigration to CA Chinese Population Increases: 1848 through 1880s From SE China; Immigrate mostly as Laborers; Work in Mines- hard rock mining-need cheap labor, so they hired the chinese, Building Railroad- 1860’s western half of railroad built primarily by the chinese, Agriculture 1870’s very tough in being a non-white. Chinese americans had difficult times.
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