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Anthro 2AC Reading: Erikson 99 11/14/08 VIII. MUSEUMS AND ARCHAEOLOGY 1. Introduction: Museums + Archaeology Important relationship between museums and archaeology. as a kid first glimpse of archaeology @ a museum. Plays important role as exhibits and housing of artifacts. Potential research in museums public outreach. 2. Majority or Mainstream Museums: Under Fire - Criticism A. Curation of Archaeological Mater- ials- millions of archaeological objects, many native remains- sacred remains etc. .. Repatriation Issues- private people want some materials back- especially sacred and human remains. Native american graves- provide guidelines to work with tribes to repatriate native stuff back to natives (also international repatriation is becoming an issue., Tendency for museums to ignore and disfranchise many people. Most museums have been in domain of rich white people. Smal- ler ethnic community had little voice in museum building. NAGPRA - B. Little Consultation with Stakeholders-Little consultation with people. How to curate and how to store them, so that it will be sensible with past people., Emphasize Native Past (as if Extinct Today) C. Museum Exhibits and Programs – Colonial Legacy-Many elders feel main stream- deal with dead people museums, very little emphasis on living natives. Dwelling only on the past but not the present; Perspective of Dominant Culture;
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