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Anthro 2AC Reading: Hodder 1999 11/17/08 VIII. MUSEUMS AND ARCHAEOLOGY 5. Issues Concerning Museum Research A. Curation Crisis- with centuries of collection, there isn’t enough room to place those artifacts. Difficult place to curate those materials. Very costly to store materials. Possible new tribal museums may help out. Where to store!? who’s gonna pay!? What should we collect now? (Do selective collection of materials). Archaeologists say you only need some collections, and other archaeologists say you need all the materials to successfully analyze. B. Challenge to use “Old” Collections- collections where archaeologists place in museums but never looked at. There is great potential to learn from those materials. Archaeological data has been collected by others- worries ar- chaeologists- those materials may have been excavated by others. Must rely on stratigraphy and context. Make you realize how important that while in the field, that taking good notes is very important. IX.
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