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Readings: Echo-Hawk 2000, Lightfoot 2006 11/19/08 IX. INTERPRETATION 4. Other Sources of Evidence Logical cohesive data. Historical documents, native narratives, other visual representations- many other materials we can use for a holistic approach. 5. Native Narratives A. Introduction Understand the challenges. Native narratives offer a much needed indigenous perspective of the past. Tend to be under valued and under utilized. Up until recently, haven’t been used very much. Study of california colonial history- triad of native narratives as a powerful in evaluating California's past. Issues: the actual writings in the colo- nial encounters. Actual writings are very rare- not that many participated in those endeavors. Most are going to be oral histories and oral traditions. B. Oral Histories Accounts pulled my individuals that happened in their own lifetimes. Events that took place in their life- time and they are recounted to you. C.
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