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Anthro 2AC Reading: Farris 1988 11/21/08 IX. INTERPRETATION 6. One Example: How To Employ Multiple Sources Native Narratives can help interpret the past. You can produce powerful scenarios of the past. Examine each data source independently Compare – Convergence or Not? They will not converge, there will be discrepancies because you’re seeing dif- ferent depictions. These discrepancies can give an alternative perspective of colonial interactions and cul- ture. Why Discrepancies? Sometimes they converge- If they converge, mesh. Sometimes archaeologists throw things out there When they don’t converge/mesh it means they are giving an ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVE!!. May Expect Deep Discrepancies Could Be Divergent Views of the Past X. ANALYSIS 1. Classification A. Introduction- Classification- B. Type – Clusters of attributes that occur together repeatedly in the same artifact. Type of similar looking artifacts that are defined by similar physical characteristics and attributes.
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