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12-3 Notes - lative estimate date shellbeads used often to...

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Anthro 2 Reading: Ashmore + Sharer Chap 7 12/3/08 X. ANALYSIS 6. Case Study – Ano Nuevo State Reserve Collaboration with CA State Parks, Amah Mutsun Ohlone Tribe; Native Landscape Management; Pyrodiversity Practices- looking at native people were igniting small fire resources. California thinking about burn- ing land on rotational basis- prescribed burning. ; Analyses: Fire-Scar Dendrochronology; Palynology; Archaeobot- any – Macroscopic – Flotation (seeds, nuts, etc); Microscopic – Extract Starch Grains, Phytoliths 7. Chronology A. Introduction -- Considerations Depends on region you are working at. types of material you’re working. age of deposits. dating methods vary de- pending on those factors. B. Concepts – Direct Age Determination- directly dated- better than indirect., Indirect Age Determination- artifact/ecofact is based on association with something else that has been dated directly. it’s context. C. Relative Dates (Stratigraphy- law of superposition, Seriation) -made on ordinal scale- not that precise- a re-
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Unformatted text preview: lative estimate date. shellbeads used often to date sites. use different materials to try date stuff. D. Absolute Dates – Chronometric Dating- Most absolute dating methods are not that precise/accurate. diffi-cult to provide exact date- mostly expressing in time span or time range. + or - range – Time Span/Range, Need Suite of Dates, Use Different Dating Methods E. Dendrochronology -Master Tree Ring Chronology- reflect temperature and rainfall over time. – can date to year that tree is cut -- Problem w/ Complacent Trees F. Obsidian Hydration – Obsidian: Can Employ Geochemical Sourcing Methods (XRF). direct age determination. Measure Hydration Layer-microscopic- more time exposed to air = thicker hydration layer. - in microns; Best as Relative Dating Method; Attempts to Use as Absolute Dating Method; Some Problems G. 14C or Radiocarbon Age Determination Radiometric Dating Technique...
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  • Radiocarbon dating, Dendrochronology, Dating methods, Radiocarbon Age Determination Radiometric Dating Technique

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