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Unformatted text preview: Anthro 2AC Read: Ashmore Chap 10 12/8/08 Gonzalez and Modzelewski 2007 XI. ANALYTICAL APPROACHES A. Ethnographic Analogy Have to be very cautious because of cultural conservatism. Produced unrealistic portraits of past cultures. Con- sequence of overplaying the conservatism lead to abuse of ethnographic analogy. iii. Abuse of Ethnographic Analogy Use it as hypothesis, but must be tested. Problem with Cultural Conservatism Observations of Made After Colonial Encounters B. Ethnoarchaeology - contemporary archaeologists go into field to study living society/people and how they manu- facture and use material culture. How they’re employed in society. - Study Material Culture of Living People; Manufacture, Use, cooking, dumping etc., Discard of Material Culture Primary goal to provide insights in how we can interpret them. Formation Processes- what happens to materials after we deposit them into the grounds, Taphonomy- , Excavate Abandoned Places C. Experimental Archaeology – archaeologists observe on themselves. Pattern analysis- observe specific patterns on Experimental Archaeology – archaeologists observe on themselves....
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