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Anthro 2AC 12/10/08 IX. CONCLUSION 1. Concluding Statement A. Strengths of Archaeology: i. Macro/Micro Scales, Has ability to look at both macro and micro scales. It demo- cratizes the past. We can discover material from any people and create interpretations of the past. Excluded past- very important. People without history, left out of history. Archaeology could be window to that past. ii. Democratizes the past, iii. “Excluded Pasts” Provide well rounded interpretations. B. Challenges of Studying Arch. Record Differential preservation- not everything is preserved. We get a biased. Palimpsest- smearing together of archaeology positions. Formation Processes. Strengths and challenges of archaeology. Preservation, Palimpsests, Formation Processes C. History of Archaeology--Archaeology has developed into a sophisticated system. Know Cultural History, Processual, Post-Processual Approaches D. Research Design- explicit sampling methods. E.
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