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Anthro 2AC FINAL EXAM FINAL EXAM SATURDAY, Dec 13 th ; 8-11 AM George C. PIMENTEL HALL 1. Final Exam: Emphasize Last 1/3 of course – but is cumulative 2. Final Exam Study Guide A. Know all Concepts Listed in Study Guide B. Look over Concepts on Lecture Outlines -- listed on Anthro 2AC Bspace Web Site 3. Look over Concepts on Previous Study Guides – First Mid-Term – Second Mid-Term 4. We will post the THREE STUDY GUIDES
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Unformatted text preview: on Anthro 2AC Bspace Web Site 5. Test Format Same as Two Mid-Terms-- Slightly Longer -- Plenty of Time to Finish in Three Hours 6. Required Readings: All Assigned Readings as Listed in Syllabus 7. Kent Lightfoots Special Office Hours for Final Exam: WED Dec 10 th (2-4 pm) FRIDAY Dec 12 th (2-4 pm) 8. Check bSpace for GSI Office Hours...
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