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1. Ozette- A mudslide buried this site, preserving archaeological remains beneath it. 2. Paipai- Indigenous group who lived and worked at m3ission santa catalina in baja california. 3. Coast Miwok- California Indian group who salvaged the wreck of the San Agustin and reused European goods in new ways. 4. Emeryville- The site of the Bay area shell mound that was investigated in the early 20th century. 5. Octave- Mining community that serves as an example of the Pompeii Premise as well as a palimpsest. 6. Ohlone- California Indian group whose homeland includes the san francisco penin- sula and east bay. 7. San Agustin- Pompeii Premise example 8. Colony Ross Native groups- 3 Native alaskans, kashaya Pomo and coast miwok 9. Cheney House- 1874 10. Fort Ross- An example of archaeology and other stakeholders working for mutu- al respect, including archaeologists respect of alcohol and Khela rules during the pro-
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Unformatted text preview: ject 11. Folsom, New Mexico- Site where extinct bison bones were found in association with projectile points; became the type site for culture dated up to 10-11,000 BP 12. Little Jost Van Dyke- Historic era plantation study of religious identity 13. Broken K Pueblo- Site at the center of a controversy involving James Hill and Mi-chael Schiffer over how Formation Processes influences the interpretations of sites. 14. Broken K Pueblo- Site at the center of controversy involving james hill and mi-chael Schiffer over how Formation Processes influence the interpretations of sites. 15. Duncan, AZ- A CRM project focusing on a pithouse village dating to 300-500 AD 16. Mounds of eastern U.S.- Subject of early excavations conducted by Cyrus Thomas...
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