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Peoples 1. Hearst- Funded early work of uc berkeley anthro dept. 2. William rathje- studied deposition of modern refuse in american cities and dumps 3. Daugherty- excavated the makah site of Ozette 4. Mcmammon- argued for better public outreach and education about archaeology 5. Nelson/max uhle- investigated the native american shellmounds of the bay area. 6. Kroeber- helped create the ethnographic program at uc berkeley, intervied tribal eld- ers of native california. 7. Lewis Binford- Pioneer of processual archaeology, and critic of culture history and emic perspectives 8. Manuel Gamio- Worked in the valley of Mexico. Using a culture historical approach he/she used seriation to establish a chronology of pottery. 9. Meg Conkey- Person associated with the study of gender in archaeology
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Unformatted text preview: 10. James Deetz- Author of a study that used multiple lines of evidence to make an argu-ment that changes in archaeology reflected changing worldviews of people- specifically, a change from a communal mindset to an individualistic one in colonial america 11. Christian Thomsen- With Jens Worsae- devised the 3 age system. 12. Schiffer- Archaeologist who focuses on the study of archaeological site formation processes. 13. Charles Redman- Archaeologist most strongly associated with post-processualism who teaches at standford 14. Redman- Anthropologist who believed that critical changes in evolving societies oc-curred when people increased their productive potential....
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