Midterm Terms - 1. 2. Ethnography- The study of specific...

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1. Ethnography- The study of specific contemporary cultures 2. Ethnocentrism- Observational bias whereby other cultures are evaluated based on one’s own cultural expectations 3. Scientific Colonialism- When the acquisition of knowledge about a people is located elsewhere than with the people themselves. 4. Ethnoarchaeology- The use of anthropological data from living groups as an analogy to understand past peoples. 5. Collaborative Archaeology incorporates stakeholders into the research process, rather than just advocating people after the fact. 6. Deposition of artifacts + cultural material, use and reuse of an area by groups, time depth and palimpsest. 7. Temporary campsites not common archaeological interpretation for shell mound use. 8. Dendrochronology- study of tree growth rings 9. Opal Phytoliths used by paleoethnobotanists to understand past interactions between human and plants made up of silicon. 10. Since the 1990s Avocational archaeology groups have become principal stakehold- ers in american archaeology. 11. Stone tools preserved at archaeological site in california 12. Oral traidtion- information about cultures handed down by participants in the culture over many generations 13. Historical Anthropology- study of human living, behavior and object. 3 lines of study- artifacts, shellmound, and archaeology. 14. Synchronic perspective on studying human beings is common to anthropological study of current cultures 15. Diachronic- perspective consdiers change over time 16. Taphonomy- The study of what happens to plants and animals after they die; it’s used to interpret the archaeological record. 17. Nagpra- acronym for landmark legislation that led to repatriation of human remains and funerary items from museum collections to native american tribes. 18.
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Midterm Terms - 1. 2. Ethnography- The study of specific...

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