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John Panaro - John Panaro SLS1501 April 1, 2008 Career...

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SLS1501 April 1, 2008 Career Paper Owning a Conference Planning Corporation Planning, organizing and conducting a conference can be very rewarding yet difficult. Conferences require the employment of talented, cooperating, and hard working people that will give a great effort to satisfy the client of all needs. The conference planning group will hold responsibility for organizing and planning the programs your investors and company representatives will be attending. Conference planning employees must be qualified, dependable, decision making and cooperative. A conference planning group should be established very early in the planning period. When choosing a venue such as a hotel ballroom, one must consider size and scope of the event. Small groups can be hosted nearly any time, but larger groups will require housing, transportation, and food services. Owning a conference planning corporation would require at least a bachelors degree and experienced knowledge of managing a corporation. “Most of the training is done informally on the job. Entry-level planners, depending upon their education, generally begin by performing small tasks under the supervision of senior meeting professionals.”( Occupational Outlook Handbook
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John Panaro - John Panaro SLS1501 April 1, 2008 Career...

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