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Chapter 5 - I like to look more deeply into things to get...

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Chapter 5 Self-Assessment 5-1 The Critical Difference Review your general approach to intellectual challenges. Check the category that most closely  corresponds with your usual pattern of critical thinking.    Always Ususally Sometimes Rarely           I like to talk about topics that I know a lot  about.  I don’t pretend to know more than I really do.  I feel energized by differences in opinion.  I get more enthusiastic as ideas get more  complicated.  I regularly need to revisit what I think to  correct errors. 
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Unformatted text preview: I like to look more deeply into things to get greater insight. Im not afraid to change my mind. I prefer evidence over intuition as a way to persuade others. I can spot flaws in arguments. If you marked most of the columns "always" or "usually," you demonstrate the characteristics of a good critical thinker. Those marked "sometimes" show some room for improvement. Work on items marked "rarely" to maximize your ability to think critically....
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