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Alexis Perlson November 29, 2009 Soc 202 Economy and Politics We believed that this dialogue was different compared to the others we had in the past. While the other's focused on intense debating topics, this dialogue focused more on facts and where we stand, manly focusing on capitalism versus socialism. On one hand, the textbook reflects on socialists focusing on wealth and power while the minorities are being ignored. This can be viewed as a decrease in freedom, yet the capitalists are all about the economic and political freedom. This encouraged my group to believe that capitalists are democratic but at the same time a moral system. This concept deals with the individual’s degree and how one uses that to rise or fall within the society. Living in the economy we do now, it is very difficult for many to agree with capitalism; it can come off as greedy and unfair for those who are struggling to make a living and support a family. However, in life there will always be those who are richer than others - it is unrealistic to see an equal spectrum of income. Those who fall within capitalism seem to be the one's who own private practices, companies, and land. They are also looked at as the ones who are successful and leaders of wealth, while socialists focus on the community as a whole. According to Unseem (1983), John Westergaard and Henrietta Resler believe "the core" of the advantaged and dominant people is "those who own and those who control capital on a large scale”. Right off the bat, this belief shows how capitalism is unjust and unequal. For everyone who doesn’t have this power, is placed in the disadvantaged spectrum. My group and I didn’t find Michael Unseem’s article, Business and Politics in the United States
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4th essay - Alexis Perlson Soc 202 Economy and Politics We...

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