1�307�Introduction - U SC M ar k eting 307 #1 I...

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USC Marketing 307 • #1 I ntroduction © 2007 Ira S. Kalb. All rights reserved. 1 1. Introductions 2. Syllabus 3. Movie 4. Course Orientation. 4-1. Unique. Preparing you for success in the real world. 4-2. Approach. Integrate (1) fundamentals, (2) proven techniques, and (3) systems concepts. 1. Course Goals (1) get you to think as a marketer and (2) believe this is the best class you have ever taken. 2. What is Marketing ? How is it different from Sales and Advertising? 3. What are 7 Building Blocks of Marketing (the 4P’s, 5 P’s, 6 P’s, or 7BBs of Marketing)? 7-1. Marketing Information System — Collect, analyze, report, take action on information from the marketplace. 7-2. Corporate Image — Image of the organization 7-3. Positioning — Product image to better fill needs of target segments. 7-4. Product — Goods and services developed to meet needs of market targets. 7-5. Price — Money buyers are willing to pay and for which you are willing to sell. 7-6. Distribution — Process of making it convenient to find, buy, use the product. 7-7. Promotion — Communicating the benefits of the complete product to prompt a buying action. Why is the order  of the building  blocks important? Firm Market Find what people want and  then give it to them rather  than make the product and  then look for buyers Process by which Products are  developed and brought to the  marketplace
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1�307�Introduction - U SC M ar k eting 307 #1 I...

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