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Final - Sample - BUAD 306 FALL 2008 Business Finance Final...

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BUAD 306 Business Finance FALL 2008 Final - Sample INSTRUCTIONS You have two hours to complete this exam. There are 22 questions . This exam is closed book and closed notes . You can use two two-sided formula sheets. Calculators are allowed. IMPORTANT : Provide your Student ID Number (or SSN) on both sides of the Scantron sheet. Copy all of your final answers onto the Scantron sheet. Please mark or erase properly to avoid mis-grades. Hand in both questions and answer sheet. This exam is taken under the Student Conduct Code, which stipulates: Any use of external assistance during an examination shall be considered academically dishonest unless expressly permitted by the instructor. The following are considered unacceptable examination behaviors: communicating with fellow students during an exam, copying material from another student’s exam, allowing another student to copy from an exam, possession or use of unauthorized notes, calculator, or other materials during exams and/or any behavior that defeats the intent of an exam or other classwork. Please sign your name below to acknowledge and accept the Student Conduct Code. SIGNATURE: (Please sign) NAME: (Please print) STUDENT ID (or SSN):
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1. The Picture Frame has beginning net fixed assets of $32,681 and ending net fixed assets of $33,127. Depreciation for the year was $5,364. During the year, the company made only one purchase of fixed assets when it bought a dry mount press. It did not sell any fixed assets during the year. How much did the dry mount press cost? A. $5,311 B. $5,406 C. $5,810 D. $6,289 E. $6,742 2. All else constant, an increase in _____ will cause the cash flow from assets to increase.
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