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THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Marshall School of Business BUAD 306 – Business Finance – Fall 2008 Section 14787R TTH 4.00 – 5.50 p.m. HOH 421 Instructor Professor Ehud Peleg Phone (213) 740-9535 Office HOH 817 E-mail [email protected] Office Hours W 2 – 4 p.m. Course Description and Objective Finance is a way to think about problems that involve investing, planning and budgeting. This course is designed to acquaint you with the world of finance and to help you understand how finance professionals think and break down components of a financial problem. You will become familiar with vocabulary, understand basic concepts of financial theory, develop computational skills, and be capable of making decisions as investors, managers and financial planners. Using a lecture and discussion teaching format, this course provides an introductory framework for business finance. Topics covered include: financing business enterprises; time value of money; financial analysis and planning; measurements of risks and rates of return; analysis of sources and uses of debt and equity financing; bond and stock valuation; determination of cost of capital; investment and capital structure decisions for the firm; and international finance. Most importantly, however, you will become an independent thinker and appreciate your growing confidence to use the process and underlying principles of finance in making decisions in the real world about your own budgets, savings and investments. You will understand the subject of finance at a practical level, be plugged into financial and economic conversations of the day, and deftly read business journal reports and announcements with a critical eye and a deeper understanding. Required Text Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, by Ross, Westerfield and Jordan, 8 th Edition Required Materials 1) Financial Calculator (Texas Instruments BAII PLUS preferred) 2) Access to the internet and valid e-mail address (which you will need to access Blackboard) 1
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You are responsible for bringing your financial calculator to all the lectures and the exams. You will be severely disadvantaged if you do not work with a financial calculator during quizzes and exams. My lectures and notes will be based on the Texas Instruments BAII Plus calculator. I will be using Blackboard ( ) to post announcements and class materials (such as PowerPoint slides). All grades will be distributed through this system. You are responsible for registering your email address with Blackboard so that you can receive your grade. You are responsible for downloading all necessary materials prior to class. You are also responsible for all materials covered and all announcements made in class, regardless of whether you chose to attend class on that particular day. Registration
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