Drakakis-Smith Chapter 2

Drakakis-Smith Chapter 2 - 30 The dimensions of urbangrowth...

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Unformatted text preview: 30 The dimensions of urbangrowth in the Third World 3. The level and rate of urban growth a re different phenomena and do not sh ow simila r global patterns. They each pose problem s for urban sustainability. 4. A western bias ha s characterised pa st ana lyses of urban growth . Some suggest that new non-western patterns of urbani sati on are occ urr ing in the developing world . Discussion questions * Compare Figures 1.2 and 1.4 and * What are EMRs and how are account for the major differences. * What is the nature of the they different from urbanisation in the West? relationship between economic and urban growth? * What is urban primacy and what relevance does it have for the study of urbanisation in the developing world? * For anyone country assemble data on the level of urban population and its rate of growth. How and why have these changed over the second half of the twentieth centur y? References and further reading Cohen, M. (1990) 'A menu for malnut rition ', Far Eastern Econom ic Revie w, 12 July: 38-3 9. Dixon, C. (1999) The Thai Economy , Routledge, London. Gilbert, A. and Gugler, 1. (1991) Cities. Poverty and Deve laprneni, OUP, Oxford. Hardoy,1. and Satterth waite, D. (1986) 'Urban change in the Third World', Hab itat International, 10(3): 33- 52. McGee, T G. (1995) 'Macrofitting the urban regions of ASEAN' , in T G. McGee and I. Robinson (eds) The Mega- Urban Regions ofSoutheast As ia, UBC Press, Vancouver: 3- 26. McGee, T G. and Robinson, I. (eds) (1995) The M ega- Urban Regions of Southeast A sia, UBC Press, Vancou ver. UNC HS (1996) An Urbanizing World, Habitat, OUP, Oxford. Wongsuphasawat, L. (1997) 'The extended Bangkok metropolitan region and uneven industrial development in Thailand ', in C. Dixon and D. Drakakis- Smith (eds) Uneven Development in South east Asia, Ashgate, Aldershot: 196- 220. o An historical perspective Definitions and framework for investigation Mercantile colonialism Industrial colonialism Late colonialism Early independence Definitions and framework for investigation Th e terms 'c olo nia lism' and 'imperi alism ' tend to be used interch an geabl y a nd indi scr iminately in m ost descriptions of pre- independent development. Moreover, discu ssions on the colo nial city are oft en restri cted to the nin eteenth and twentieth centuries. At its simplest. col oni alism refers to th e ass um ption of pol itical control by o ne group over a no the r and ha s existed as long as there have been identifiable political sta tes. Imperi alism essentially encom passes th e political economy of capitalism, following its em ergen ce from Euro pe in th e sixteenth century, which some believe has followed a clear series of cycles of growth and recession (Ta ylor, 1985). Both began well before the nineteenth century, and th e interlinkage of th e va rio us forms of colonialism and imperialism provide a useful framework within which to examine colo nia l urban isati on , th e nature of th e colonial city and th e legac ies bequeathed to the contemporary Thi rd...
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Drakakis-Smith Chapter 2 - 30 The dimensions of urbangrowth...

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