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King Urban Planning in the Colonies

King Urban Planning in the Colonies - ~ I NT E R NATI ON AL...

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INT ER NA TI ON AL LIB RA RY OF S OC IO L OG Y Fou nd ed by Karl Man nhcim Edit or : J ohn U rr y Uni ver sity of Lan cast er - . . . . .- . ". ~ . \ URBANISM, COLONIALISM, AND 1-'HE WORLD-ECONOMY Cultural and Spatial Foundations oj the World Urban System ANTHONY D. KING ,~ RO UT LEDGE L ond on and New Yo rk
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Chapter Three INCORPORATING THE PERIPHERY (2) Urban planning in the colonies We want not only England but all parts of the Empire to be covered with Garden Cities. (Garden City, 2 (15) 1907) I hope that in the new Delhi we shall be able to show how those ideas which Mr. Howard put forward ... can be brought in to assist this first Capital created in our time. The fact is that no new city or town should be permissible in these days to which the word 'Garden' cannot be rightly applied. The old congestion has, I hope, been doomed forever. (Swinton, G., Capt. (Chairman, London County Council, Member of the Planning Committee for New Delhi) (1912) 'Planning an Imperial Capital', Garden City and Town Planning, 2 (5) (NS)) In 1945, the sphere of influence of the English (Town and Country Planning) 1932 Act as developed in the West Indies extended to the continent of Africa Uganda, in ... 1948, adopted the original Trinidad scheme The influence spread further afield. Fiji legislation shows distinct traces of its West Indian origin ... Aden has town planning laws . . . closely related to the Uganda ordinances; Sarawak has legislation which finds its roots in Sierra Leone and Nyasaland. In the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles passed legislation derivative from the English Act. Mauritius ... adopted legislation based on Uganda. Thus, the 1932 Act has left its mark in all corners of the world .... Modern developments in British planning procedure 44 INCORPORATING THE PERIPHERY (2) are followed closely by colonial planning officers who are always ready to profit by the experience of the mother country. (P.H.M. Stevens (1955) 'Planning Legislation in the Colonies', Town and Country Planning, March) The (town) council's staff have no formal or urban design skills and the entrepreneurial approach to urban management which has become familiar within British local authorities is not practised here. I am therefore hoping to inject an element of this approach in Nausori .... U. Gardener (Planning Assistant, Gloucester City Council and Volunteer, Voluntary Services Overseas, Department of Town and Country Planning, Suva, Fiji) (1987) 'Town planning in Fiji', The Planner, September: 26) PLANNING AND IMPERIALISM The last fifteen or twenty years have seen the growth of a new academic specialization, the history of urban and regional planning. Until the early 1980s, the focus of these studies had principally been on the development of urban planning in the core countries of Europe and North America but in recent years, there has been increasing interest in planning history in the Third World (see Third World Planning Review, 1979-present) These are not two spheres of operation, however, but one. As set out in the previous pages, urban-industrial development in the core depended on the materials and markets in the periphery just as peripheral cities
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