Harris End of the Third World

Harris End of the Third World - ,II , ) Von KleinSrnid...

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,II , Von KleinSrnid library ) Nigel Harris The End of the Third World Newly Industrializing Countries and the Decline of an Ideology I.B.TAURIS & CO LTD Publishers LONDON
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.. ~ _ .; f ":\ 10 The End of the Th ird World Colombia, Philippi nes, Thailand and others. The lack of a c1earcut boundary is no t vita l for this acco unt, and the countries incl uded in th e group a re identified as we proceed. The heart of th e book is a test of th e theses of the Third World case (p resented in the first chapter ). T his is do ne in relation ship to four co untries of ea st a nd south-eas t Asia - So uth K orea, T aiw an , Hong Kong and Singapore (in the second chapter) . T he th ird cha pter looks at a different ki nd of development in two La tin American co untries, Brazil and Mexico. C ha pter 4 the n seeks to determ ine how far these six cases are pec uliar by loo king at the less devel oped co untries as a who le. and at what is happeni ng to the ma nufacturing industries of the more de- veloped co untries . T he fifth chapter summarizes the im plica tio ns of wha t has ha ppen ed fo r Third W orl dism. C ha pter 6 exami nes the peculi ar ro le of the state a nd of go vern me nts in the pattern of rapid growth, and looks at the o rigins of th e belief th at sta tes co uld direct the ·!~.r k e t. If Third Worldism wa s an ideology, C ha pter 7 seeks to suggest the social interests th at might have been em bodied in it. The fina l cha pter then summa rizes the argument and d raws a few speculative conclusions. As alway s, the errors of fact. lan guage and judgement are exclusive ly my own, a nd no t to be a tt ributed to those who have very kindly laboured in the ard uo us task of tr ying to turn this into a readable wo rk (not always wi th success). T he)' include, pre -emine ntl y. despite o ur d isagreem ents, Ala sdair McAuley: a nd D unca n Hallas, Rak esh Mohan , Tirril Harris. Desm ond McNeil. Dil ip M ukerjee, Michael Safier and John Lindsay. It is a tha nkl ess task. but no ne theless my th anks. N H N OT E . Dolla rs are always those of the United States unless otherwise specified (Singa po re as S, etc.) and 'billio ns' mean s thousand millions, not million millions. 1 = Third Worldism Wha t can we do? We can do much! We can inject the voice of reason into wor ld affairs. We can mobilize all the spiritual, all the moral, all the political strength of Asia and Africa on the side of peace. Yes, we! we, the peoples of Asia and Africa, l,400.000,000 stro ng, far more tha n half the hum an population of the world. we can mobilize wha t I have called the ' Moral Violence of Natio ns' in favo ur of peace. President Sukarno of Ind onesia, Ope ning Address to the Asia-Africa Conference. Bandung (Indonesia). 18 April 1955. In April 1985, the govern me nt of Indonesia celebrated th e thirtieth anniversa ry of the holding of the Asia-Africa Confe rence in Bandung.
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Harris End of the Third World - ,II , ) Von KleinSrnid...

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