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Chapter 1 Focus questions The following questions indicate the important ideas you should take from chapter 1 in the textbook. 1. A number of steps are involved in producing sediments and then in producing clastic sedimentary rocks. What are these steps and in what order do they typically occur? 2. What is the difference between weathering and erosion? 3. What is a carbonaceous sedimentary rock? Is it the same as a carbonate sedimentary rock? What is an example of a carbonaceous sedimentary rock? What are the environmental interpretations you would make from a carbonaceous rock? From a carbonate rock? 4. What is physical weathering?
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Unformatted text preview: What are three physical weathering processes? 5. What is chemical weathering? How does it differ from physical weathering? 6. What processes influence the rate at which weathering proceeds? Make sure that you describe the general controls (e.g., climate) and what particular conditions promote physical weathering and what particular conditions promote chemical weathering. 7. What are the three different kinds of products of subaerial weathering (see text p. 11) that are important for generating sedimentary rocks? How do these three differ from one another? Give at least one specific example of each kind....
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