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Answers to Question 1. The river will lose energy as it gets farther from the source. Thus, the grains will deposit with the coarsest close to source and, as the energy declines with distance, finer grains will be deposited. River gradients decrease with distance from source, energy decreases, and smaller grain sizes are what can be transported farther from source. Coarser grains will drop out closer to source, where energy is higher. Grain size should change the way I’ve in dicated because as rivers get further from the source, energy and gradient tend to decrease allowing for smaller and smaller grain sizes further
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Unformatted text preview: downstream. Answers to Question 2: Because textural maturity (matrix, rounding, sorting) increases with the distance of transport, the more texturally sediment is deposited further from the source. Sorting, grain rounding, and loss of mud develop over time, through transport. The longer and farther sediment is transported, the more texturally mature it will be. The longer and farther the sediment has traveled, the more the grains become rounded and well sorted. This means that the sediment goes from texturally immature near the source to mature farther from the source rock....
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