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GEOLOGY 3430 – Homework #4 INTERPRETATION OF SOURCE AREA Pass Peak Part III Due Feb 19th Introduction In this exercise, you will focus on making interpretations about the source area on the basis of both grain size data and mineralogic data. Here you will take compositional data for the 46 locations you have been working with. From those data, and from the grain size data, you will make a comprehensive interpration about sediment dispersal patterns and lithologic nature of the source rocks. Data: Information on accessory mineral content in the sandstones is provided in Pass Peak II write up; most of you will have already printed this. The data include the amount of garnet and hornblende as a percentage of the total amount of accessory minerals in a sample (but NOT total amount of minerals in a sample). In addition, there is an association of light minerals such that Locations that have a high percentage of hornblende also have a high percentage of feldspar – (feldspathic arenites)
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Pass%20Peak%20Part%20III1 - GEOLOGY 3430 Homework#4...

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