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NAME ____ Mr Answer _____ STUDENT # _________________________ Geology 3950 – Natural Catastrophes; Spring 2010 -- Hour exam #1 (90 points) I (4 Points) What is the age of the Earth? 4.5 b.y How long ago did the Sun form? Same - 4.5 b.y How long is the record of written history? 2-3,000 years How long ago did the dinosaurs become extinct? _____ 65 m.y _ II. (4 points ) What is the source of heat energy inside the Earth that drives plate tectonics? _______ decay of radioactive elements ___( or radioactivity )______________________ Has this energy source increased or decreased during Earth history? _ decreased ______ Has the economic impact of natural catastrophes increased through time?_ increased ______ Why? __ because of the growth of human population and investment in infrastructure ____ What is the source of energy that drives atmospheric circulation, weather and climate? ___________ solar energy ___( or the sun )_______________________________ III ( 3 points ) What are three of the limits to our understanding of terrestrial processes and our ability to predict the future of natural events? a. ______ chaotic behavior of natural processes _____________________________ b. ______ short observational history __________________________________ c.__ unknown processes __ and/or uncertainties in chronologic determinations _________ IV. ( 6 points ) What are the 3 types of plate boundaries and what type of faults occur at each? a. ___ compression/collision/subduction boundaries – thrust faults _________________ b. ___ extension/rifting/spreading boundaries – normal faults _________________ c. ___ horizontal slip boundaries – strike-slip faults ____________________ V. ( 4 points ) Which mover faster, P waves or S waves? __ P waves ______ Which shake building? ___ S waves ___ Which do not travel through the Earth’s core? S waves Why don’t both travel through the Earth’s core? _ because the core is liquid and/or S-wave don’t travel through liquid
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NAME____________________________ STUDENT _________________________ VI ( 2 points ) Why do many buildings in under-developed countries collapse during earthquakes? _ because they are constructed of brick or adobe that lacks internal reinforcement
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Exam%20#1%202010%20answers - NAME _Mr Answer_ STUDENT # _...

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