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Geology 3950 – Natural Catastrophes and Geologic Hazard; Spring 2010 Professor: Charles Stern; Telephone 2-7170; email [email protected] Office - 422B Benson Earth Science; Hours; Wednesday & Thursday 1-2 Class website: CU Learn Text : “Natural Disasters” by P.L Abbott, 7 th ed & link at Grades; based on your 3 best scores from 4 exams (worth 90 points each) and 3 unscheduled quizzes (worth 10 points each): Exam schedule : Thursday Feb 4; Thursday March 4; Thursday April 22, and Tuesday May 4 at 7:30 – 9:00 PM Course goals: The Earth’s interior, surface and atmosphere are dynamic and constantly changing. This course addresses the questions: What changes can happen? Why do they happen? What is the likelihood they will happen and when? What does it mean for us? Lecture topics: Introduction (1 class) – natural catastrophes and society
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Unformatted text preview: Geologic time and radioactive energy in the Earth (1 class) Earthquakes (5 classes); Resulting damage, location and magnitude of earthquakes; faults, plate tectonics; earthquakes in the USA and elsewhere, and earthquake prediction. Exam I (Thursday Feb 4) Volcanoes ( 5 classes); Mt Saint Helens; plate tectonics and magma generation; types of eruptions, volcanoes in the western US and elsewhere; volcanoes and climate Magnetic reversals (1 class) Exam II (Thursday March 4) Meteorite impact and mass extinctions (3 classes) Ice ages, global climate change and the greenhouse world (3 classes) Floods and floods in Boulder (1 class) The bleak future of hydrocarbon man (1 class) The future of the Sun and the end of the Earth (1 class) Exam III (Thursday April 22) Review for last exam (1 class) Exam IV (7:30 – 9:00 PM Tuesday May 4 – scheduled final exam time)...
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