Developing Ethnicity

Developing Ethnicity - The most significant events that...

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The most significant events that influenced changed in my ethnic identity took on a see saw effect early in my childhood. Early in my childhood, I related closely with my Puerto Rican heritage, because that was the only culture to which I was exposed. Growing up in an area that was solely public housing, it consisted primarily of African American and Puerto Rican families. Other races resided in the same area, but the neighborhood was still segregated where most people really only dealt with people of the same background. It was not until I moved into a house in a nicer neighborhood where there were only two other families in a twenty-five block radius that were African American. I then began to relate to Caucasians. I began to adapt to the culture of the other children around me. I made every attempt to be just like all the children around me. One day, I was leaving school and one of the students referred to our teacher using a very derogatory name, the teacher was African American. The student then turned to me and said, “No offence, ”. And I immediately took offense and ran to the teacher and told her what was said. In so many
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Developing Ethnicity - The most significant events that...

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