Psych 420 syllabus - Ainsworth Fall 2008 Psychology 420...

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Ainsworth Fall 2008 Psychology 420: Advanced Statistical Methods 14027 5:00-6:15pm MW in SH 391 Lab 14029 6:30-7:20pm MW SH 341 Information: Email address : [email protected] Website : Phone: 677-3898 Office : ST 302 Office Hours : 3-4pm M or by appointment TAs Huma Bhurawala Email: [email protected] Office hours: TBA in SH308a Cynthia Funes E mail : [email protected] Office hours: TBA in SH308a Textbook: Required : Tabachnick, B. G., and Fidell, L. S. (2007). Experimental Designs Using ANOVA . Belmont, CA: Duxbury. Recommended Supplemental Texts : Keppel, G. & Wickens, T. (2004). Design and Analysis: A Researcher's Handbook (4th Ed.): Prentice Hall. Cohen, J., Cohen, P., West, S. G., & Aiken, L. S. (2003). Applied multipleregression/correlation analysis for the behavioral sciences (3rd Ed.). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. Course Description Univariate analysis of psychology research data using computational methods as well as packaged computer programs. Standard techniques with applications in psychology are covered. Choice of analytic technique is discussed, as are methods of screening data to assure appropriateness of techniques. Lab provides direct experience with computing facilities for conducting univariate analysis and computational methods extending statistical analysis provided by computer output. Catalog Explores the relationships between advanced statistical methods and psychological research methods. Advanced techniques of analysis of variance and regression analysis are emphasized. Lab considers problem-solving techniques and advanced computational methods needed to analyze data obtained in complex psychological experiments.
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Psych 420 syllabus - Ainsworth Fall 2008 Psychology 420...

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