Barry - Barry Dr. Lawton received a phone call from Grace...

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Barry 1 of 5 Dr. Lawton received a phone call from Grace Patterson. Her husband, Barry, had a history of heavy drinking, and it had escalated recently. Dr. Lawton suggested that she try to talk to Barry about her concerns. He emphasized that she should pick a time when Barry had not been drinking. She should tell him that she had spoken to a psychologist who had agreed to see Barry for an evaluation. After the evaluation, the psychologist would be able to give them some advice about what they might do. Grace called again several weeks later. She had spoken to Barry and he refused to entertain the possibility of coming in for an evaluation. Grace was at a loss regarding what to do next, so Dr. Lawton scheduled an appointment to see her alone. The main topic of the session was how Grace could change how she behaved toward Barry in the hope of motivating him to enter treatment. She was instructed to explain calmly to him the negative consequences of his drinking and to indicate how concerned she was about it. Grace and Dr. Lawton identified several recent incidents and rehearsed how she could respond. For example, several weeks ago Barry and Grace had dinner plans with another couple, but by late afternoon Barry was too drunk to go out. Grace had to call the other couple and make an excuse about canceling the dinner. Whenever Barry was really drunk, it was impossible to have a reasoned conversation with him, especially about his drinking. In the future Grace was to wait until the next morning and then express her concerns about the drinking and how this pattern might cause them to lose some good friends. The problem was ruining their marriage. About a month later, Grace called Dr. Lawton to say that there had been no change in Barry’s drinking. She described several occasions in which she had explained to Barry that his drinking was having destructive effects on their lives. Although Grace was discouraged, Dr. Lawton persuaded her to continue the plan. Three weeks later Grace called to make an appointment for both her and Barry to come in for an evaluation. She told Dr. Lawton that she and Barry had had a terrible fight the previous evening; Barry had raised his hand to hit her but held back at the last second. This incident apparently alarmed Barry as much as it frightened Grace, and it led him to finally agree to see Dr. Lawton. Dr. Lawton greeted Barry and Grace in the waiting room and invited them into his office. One primary goal of the initial session was to avoid scaring Barry out of therapy. At this initial meeting Dr. Lawton explained that he understood Barry’s reluctance to come in. he told him that the purpose of this session was to gather information about Barry’s drinking habits and any problems that alcohol might be causing. Furthermore, toward the end of the session, if Barry wanted to, they could discuss treatment options. Barry was indeed drinking heavily on a daily basis, beginning after work and continuing into the
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Barry - Barry Dr. Lawton received a phone call from Grace...

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